February Updates: Custom Field Search, Auto Assignments, Quick Ticket Bar and More

We have got quite a few interesting features lined up for you in our upcoming rollout happening over the weekend. Before we delve deep into these features in the coming days, lets us quickly take a sneak peek at the highlights right away.

Auto Assignment Option

Auto Assignment Options
Auto Assignment Options

You now can automate ticket assignments to members of your team in a round robin fashion. Extensive options to choose the staff and categories that are subject to auto assignment is available as well. (Available to users on PLUS plan or higher)

Quick Ticket Bar

Quick Ticket Bar
Quick Ticket Bar

To give you immediate access to ticket level actions even when you are at the bottom of the lengthy conversation thread, we now have introduced the quick ticket bar.

Advanced Search with Custom Fields

To further enhance the power of the advanced search feature, we have added the ability to search custom fields as well. So, there are more avenues for you to filter tickets in your help desk.

Full Screen Editing

Rich Text Editor
Rich Text Editor

Those of you looking for an uninterrupted and distraction free environment when composing support responses, you are in luck! There is a brand new rich text editor that supports fullscreen mode.

Exporting Canned Responses

Canned Responses take the pain out of sending out custom notifications to your customers. Going forward, you can export them in CSV or Excel format for future use.

Few more additions that you might find interesting:

  1. Invoices are mailed to you immediately when you subscribe to HappyFox.
  2. You can make either email address or phone number field mandatory when creating a new ticket (or both).
  3. New tags – last_customer_reply and last_staff_reply – are available in notification templates.
  4. When you sort tickets with the help of filters and opt to print them, the sort order is retained in the print tickets page as well.
  5. Links to share knowledge base articles publicly are now available.
  6. After creating reports, you can now save and view them instantly in a single click.

For a comprehensive list of all features, enhancements and bug fixes, check out our changelog.

Like what you see? Do drop us a line if you have suggestions or feedback!