Forward ticket contents to an external recipient

Last Updated: March 16, 2021

HappyFox blog

Have you ever felt the need to forward a ticket’s contents via email and hung your head in despair? Fret not, and say hello to our latest feature.

With the ability to now forward tickets, passing detailed ticket information to third parties outside the help desk system just became a lot easier.

More Actions Menu

More Actions Menu


Click on Forward by accessing the More Actions menu and HappyFox will pack all your ticket updates, private notes and attachments together, ready to be forwarded to the desired email address(es). What’s more, you can edit the subject, attach files, include/exclude private notes, and add an additional note for the ticket to be forwarded.

The forwarded ticket is delivered in a simple, concise format. Every update is listed down in a chronological order with a crisp header:

If you select the option to include any private notes in your forwarded ticket, the relevant header gets appended with a [private note] tag. Less clutter allowing for better readability.

The ability to forward a ticket is governed by a privilege; as the help desk administrator, you can decide which Staff Roles should have the capability to forward tickets. The activity log on the ticket will record a date and time stamp for a forward action, ensuring that an audit trail is present whenever a ticket’s contents are sent to an external user.

This feature comes in handy when a ticket’s contents need to be shared with a 3rd party recipient, who may not be part of the help desk team. Beyond that, there could be many other cases for the forward ticket feature that are specific to your help desk staff needs.

Are you using the forward ticket feature in a unique manner? Leave us a comment and let us know!