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Our transformation season! HappyFox updates – Sep 2013

September 2013 has been a significant month for HappyFox and more so, for you, with a ton of game changing and customer support enhancing features getting rolled out. It’s done with one thing in mind – “Making the  lives of your support staff better” .

On account of this your HappyFox account will be down for maintenance on Saturday (28 Sept 2013)/ Sunday (29 Sept 2013) at the following time.

The scheduled downtime will be between:

7.30 PM – 11.30 PM PST on Saturday, Sept 28, 2013

2:30 AM – 6:30 AM GMT on Sunday, Sept 29, 2013

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM IST on Sunday, Sept 29, 2013


Come this Sunday the 29th of September, the following are the new features that will bolster your HappyFox support process.

These are the game changers:

  • Zendesk importer
  • OS ticket importer
  • JIRA integration
  • Ticket compact view
  • Webhooks – For every support ticket created and updated.
  • Webhooks – as a smart rule action
  • Mobile app – iOS and Android support for the following: Insert canned reply, Insert knowledge base articles, creating new ticket, advanced search for tickets

Your support staff are going to love these:

  • Ability to delete attachments in tickets
  • Smart rules with work schedules
  • New actions menu for contacts. It is now possible to perform bulk actions for contacts.
  • Tickets list view for Subscribed tickets
  • Tickets list view for Un-responded tickets



  • New API end points for creating custom fields
  • New API end points for creating contact groups
  • New API end points for viewing canned actions
  • API based ticket search for un-responded and subscribed tickets


  • Bulk assign tickets to any staff via mass reply page
  • Sorting of category lists in various drop downs
  • Ticket filter options in customer portal
  • Support for search and choose assignee in ticket box, for HappyFox accounts with more than 25 staff agents.

Notification tags:

  • Add new tag option {{ticket_number}} to all notification templates having {{ticket_id}}
  • {{ticket_number}} – Available in the smart rules send email action
  • New tag {{staff_username}} is available in smart rules send email action and contact notification reply template


  • New column has been introduced – last updated time for tickets in contact detail page
  • Customer panel login preferences


  • Assignee & Due Date fields available in the tabular View of reports
  • Exporting the original Message of ticket in the export of a report tabular view
  • Hyperlinking of ticket ID and subject field in Excel export
  • Click and open hyperlinks in a new tab from the tabular view of reports

Custom fields:

  • Hyperlinking of URLs in custom fields wherever applicable
  • Redesign of custom fields for application wide enhancements
  • Performance optimised – when showing custom fields in the ticket detail page

Performance Improvements:

  • Mail receiver improvements
  • HTML source now available for canned action


  • Prompt for discarding a message when the user has the “Add Update/Add Private Note” editor opened and switching to a different page
  • Performing integrity checks of ticket properties used in SR/SLA/reports while deleting/deactivating these properties

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where when a ticket is assigned while moving to a category, the staff assignee notification is not sent
  • Fixed bug where deleting all work schedules was possible. This also led to a bug where SLA could not be saved
  • Fixed bug where the category prefix was allowed to be more than 6 characters
  • Fixed bug where the smart rule condition for “Message IS” was not working
  • Fixed a bug where the sub filter for status was not selected in any view
  • Fixed bug in import contact which was not honouring case in contact email ID