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Rollout Highlights: New Languages, Status Selector, Branding Section and More

Few hours ago, we rolled out a bunch of new features and enhancements to all HappyFox instances. Some of the major highlights include:

New Actions Menu in the Ticket Details Page

To make it easy for you to find and execute ticket level actions from one location, we have moved them all to the new Actions drop down at the top right corner, right next to Jump to last response. If you suddenly can’t locate options to edit contact information, add tags etc. just head over to the Actions menu to get the job done.

Change Statuses in Style

Going forward, to change the status of a ticket, click on the original status and select the right one from the cool new prompt. You can do this from both the ticket list page and the ticket details page.

New Languages

HappyFox is now available in three more languages – Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. To learn how to change your language options, check this link out. And, we have many more languages in the pipeline as well!

Branding Section

Branding and customization options now have a dedicated section of their own under the General Settings page. You can now add a favicon too!

Here are some more new additions:

  1. Private note notifications now contain attachments
  2. Phone numbers of contacts are displayed in the Raised by drop down menu in the ticket box
  3. Custom fields, time spent, tags on the ticket details page are hidden when there is no data in those fields.

We have exciting new additions coming up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!