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June 2014 updates – Transformation season

It has been a short while since we did our last update because the development team have been coming up with some very important updates. This June rollout also paved the way for some really valuable features in HappyFox.

Due to this, your HappyFox account will not be accessible between

0700 – 1100 hours IST on Saturday the 5th of July 2014

0130 – 0530 hours GMT on Saturday the 5th of July

1730 – 2130 hours PST on Friday the 4th of July

The Game Changers

  • Satellite Help Desk/Multibrand Help Desk – Say hello the newest and probably the most fancy feature to the HappyFox stable. With this feature, you can now have multiple support centres under one account, with customized look and feel, footers, logos and more for each brand’s support center
  • Ticket Life Cycle Report: Based on Assignee and Category – Now, you can get the complete life cycle of a report based not only on status, but also on assignee and category. This will let you know how long each ticket has been assigned to a specific support staff or under a specific category.
  • ‘About to breach SLA’ section on Dashboard – With this section, every time you refresh, it will show all the tickets that are going to breach that specific type of SLA, in the given time frame you have mentioned. Therefore, if you want to find out what are the tickets expiring in the next ten minutes, you will have a real time countdown showing you the list.
  • Auto Assignment based on Active Staff – Auto assignment has expanded beyond our regular Round Robin method to now allowing you to assign tickets only to ‘Active’ members. With a simple toggle button, staff members can change their status from inactive to active, to be eligible for auto assignment


  • Advanced search option – search for tickets that “have attachments”
  • Showing “View all” tickets link on new ticket form for Pending tickets
  • Not showing activity log for same tags added on a ticket
  • Reports API extended to show SLA performance report

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where advanced search was throwing error when incorrect drop down value for a drop down type custom field was a part of the search query
  • Fixed bug where unicode characters in slug text of a KB article was throwing error
  • Fixed bug in mailreceiver where the unresponded flag was not handled properly sometimes when the set operators were used