Kanban View for your Agile Help Desk

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Agile philosophy applies to more than just software development. As a help desk user, being agile can help you hit your KPIs and consistently improve your customer experience. The Kanban view of tickets is one of the secret sauces that allows HappyFox to excel as an agile help desk.

Same Old Tickets, But a Whole New Perspective

HappyFox provides multiple layouts to visualize your tickets. The card view allows you to comfortably act on tickets, whereas the compact view enables you to look at custom ticket properties even without opening a ticket. However, the Kanban view is the real game changer for an agile help desk. Just by being able to look at incoming tickets distributed through various kanban boards allows your support teams to plan their work better. Additionally, you can toggle between various ticket views easily with the nifty layout switcher.


Multiple Boards, Single Kanban View

HappyFox supports 4 Kanban boards based on the following ticket properties – Assignee, Status, Priority, and Due-Date.


  • Assignee Board: View how the tickets are distributed across different help desk agents. Use this board to identify overburdened agents and optimize ticket assignment.
  • Status Board: Look at tickets distribution by their status to identify which stage of your support pipeline is causing a bottleneck.
  • Priority Board: Easily keep track of critical escalations using this board based on ticket priority.
  • Due-Date Board: Easily uncover tickets that are pending resolution and refine your support strategy accordingly.

Good Planning, Even Better Execution


The HappyFox kanban view has no learning curve; it’s just as simple as hitting the view switcher. Moreover, you’ll still have access to your existing queues and filters, be able to perform quick-actions, quick-preview tickets and more. With the HappyFox kanban view, you can visualize your work, effectively distribute and assign your tickets, identify roadblocks and resolve them to provide outstanding agile support.

To know why HappyFox is the ideal agile help desk, please book a personalized 1:1 demo with us!