HappyFox – Looking Back at 2018!

Looking back at 2018, we can confidently say that it’s been a year of milestones at team HappyFox. We have added features that our customers have requested, improved the product in multiple aspects including security and performance, and built new solutions within the HappyFox platform. In short, it’s been a phenomenal year for us.

Let’s look back into some of the features that we’ve built in the past year that’s helping our customers deliver outstanding customer support!

HappyFox Help Desk

Q1 2018: Making HappyFox an even more secure platform

We started off the year with an emphasis on security and it’s a choice that we are proud of. Some of the features we delivered includes

Two Factor Authentication

Admins can now enforce two-factor authentication for all agents. Customers should register their mobile devices to generate authentication codes (using Google Authenticator) and use them along with their password during sign-in.

Configuring Two Factor Authentication

Stronger Password Policy

The default password policy in HappyFox was made stronger. Agents and customers have to set passwords that include both alphanumeric characters and symbols. The immediate previous password cannot be reused.

Account lockout

Consecutive failed login attempts trigger a temporary account lockout. An automatic notification email is sent to both the admins and the agent or customer who tried to log in.

Auto logout based on Inactivity

HappyFox would automatically log out agents whose browser sessions are inactive for a pre-defined period of time

Q2 2018: Enhancing integrations and delivering new solutions

We built more integrations and partnerships with third-party apps during this quarter than ever before. Besides building new integrations and enhancing existing ones, we built whole new solutions within HappyFox and delivered additional key features as well.

All New Integrations

Chargify – Recurring Billing Platform

View customer subscription details from Chargify on the HappyFox platform while working on tickets.

Viewing details from Chargify in HappyFox

BareMetrics – Analytics Platform

Lookup customer details and revenue analytics from Baremetrics directly on tickets raised by corresponding customers.

Delighted – Survey Platform

View survey scores from Delighted on HappyFox against customer tickets.

MixPanel – Business Analytics tool

Access analytics details about customers from MixPanel inside HappyFox.

GitHub – Project Management/Issue Tracking

By integrating with GitHub, your agents can create issues in GitHub directly from HappyFox and link them to a ticket. With the option for two-way comment-sync, updates on the ticket can be posted to the issue in GitHub automatically and vice-versa.

More Integrations

In addition to the ones listed above, we’ve built integrations with contact management tools such as Clearbit, FullContact, analytics platforms like ChartMogul and more. We started supporting LogMeIn Rescue with the new HappyFox experience.

Multi-store support in BigCommerce & Magento

All BigCommerce and Magento integrations were enhanced to support multiple stores. Agents can retrieve order details from individual stores directly against tickets raised by customers.

Multi-store support in BigCommerce

Compact view for Tickets in V2

Allowing agents to view more tickets and data in a more compact form-factor. With support for displaying

Real-time updates on the ticket list

The ticket list page will show a notification banner if a new ticket has been created or an existing ticket updated. This way, users can refresh the page to view the most recent data.

Create a ticket on behalf of the original sender

When customers reach out to an agent’s mail address instead of raising a ticket, the agent can forward it to the support mailbox and have a ticket created automatically on behalf of the customer.

Option for SmartRule to run once

Configurable option to prevent smart-rules from executing multiple times on the same ticket.

GDPR Consent from Customers

Collect consent for processing your end users’ data in Support center New ticket form, Contact registration form, and Support widget.

Asset Management Solution

An all-new asset management solution to create and manage assets with HappyFox. Ability to associate one or more assets to a ticket to track the asset against which the issue was raised.

Assets in HappyFox

Task Management Solution

Break down work-items and track them as tasks against tickets. Set individual assignees for each task-item along with specific due-dates.

Tracking tasks against a ticket

Q3:  Milestones with the New HappyFox Experience

We hit more milestones in our road to completing the new HappyFox experience this quarter!

All New Manage Module

A native “Manage” module was rolled out to users in the new HappyFox experience. With an interface designed to improve usability and cleaner segregation of features, managing your HappyFox help desk has never been easier.

All New Reports

In addition to the existing real-time reports, the new Reports module (available in the New HappyFox experience) brings in more customizations and visualizations along with all new reports such as ticket inflow, agent activity, custom fields, and smart-rule reports with more in the works.

Agent Activity report in dark mode

HappyFox University

The HappyFox University is an inbuilt learning module bundled with all HappyFox accounts. The University consists of bite-sized chapters that explain how the HappyFox platform can help you deliver outstanding customer service.

Scheduled Tickets

Automatically create tickets as per a schedule defined by you. Leverage existing ticket templates and use them to set ticket properties while creating these recurring tickets.

Creating a schedule for recurring tickets

Merge Fields in Canned Actions

Use merge-fields in canned actions to have them replaced with the corresponding ticket properties in real-time while using a canned action on a ticket.

Task Templates

With task templates, you can create templated TTD lists and create them together as tasks on tickets.

Drag & Drop attachments in ticket replies

A simple but pretty nifty enhancement that allows users to drag and drop images and other documents to their ticket replies to send as attachments.

Creating internal notes for replies to forwarded tickets

Agents can now configure if replies to a forwarded ticket should be threaded as a contact response or a uniquely identified internal note.

Enhancements to Existing Integrations

In addition to supporting Freshbooks and MailChimp integration in the new HappyFox experience, we have enhanced the Salesforce integration to support viewing details from any Salesforce object.

Q4: Making HappyFox better by implementing feedback

The last quarter had our teams busy looking at data collected throughout the year from our customers. Based on the feedback, we delivered new solutions requested by customers and enhanced existing features.

Shopify Multi-store support

We decided to implement multi-store support for Shopify E-Commerce integration as well. With this feature, all our e-commerce integrations support viewing customer order history from different stores.

Asset Custom Fields

Customers can now add custom-fields to capture additional details about their assets. The type of custom-fields supported includes text, dropdown, multi-select and more.

Custom Fields for Assets

Asset Import

Customers now import their assets into HappyFox using an in-app importer tool. The importer accepts spreadsheets with asset data (including custom fields).

Importing Assets

Contact Asset Association

In addition to associating assets to tickets, you can also associate them to contacts. This way, you can track tickets raised against assets that belong to a specific individual.

Updated HappyFox iOS Mobile App

We updated our iOS mobile app to support features such as queues, additional sort options, and an even more intuitive UI.

New App: Asset Manager

This mobile application allows you to scan, add and manage assets in your HappyFox account easily.

Aircall Integration

We added an all-new telephony integration to our portfolio. With Aircall integration, agents can log in to their Aircall accounts from HappyFox and make both inbound and outbound calls. All interactions will create unique tickets in HappyFox with the call details and recording attached.

Handling inbound calls in HappyFox

Billable Time for Contact Groups

You can track the time spent on tickets raised by contacts belonging to specific contact groups for billing purposes.

Support for Daylight savings

New daylight aware timezones were added to HappyFox that automatically changes the system timestamp and the behavior of automation rules when Daylight savings starts or ends.

Kanban View for Tickets

With the Kanban view, agents can visualize the tickets in HappyFox through kanban style boards. Different boards based on ticket status, assignee, priority, and due-dates are supported.

Kanban view in HappyFox

HappyFox Chat

Q1: Security and customization

Stronger Password Policy

Enhanced the default password policy for better security. All passwords must now contain alphanumeric characters along with symbols. The previous password cannot be reused.

Sign in with Google

You can now use Google accounts to log in to HappyFox chat via SSO.

Google sign-in

Chrome Extension of HappyFox Chat

You can now use the chrome extension to quickly login and reply to customer chats.

Custom Pre-chat Fields

With custom pre-chat fields, you can collect additional details about your customers before they initiate a chat.

Custom Pre-Chat fields

Event tracking with Google Tag Manager

You can track analytics events related to HappyFox chat widget using the Google Tag Manager and gauge customer engagement and activity.

Q2: SMS to Chat and widget enhancements

SMS to Chat

Purchase phone numbers and engage in live SMS chat with customers directly from HappyFox chat.

Chatting with a customer via SMS using HappyFox chat

Improved triggered chats with location and custom fields

With improved triggered chats, you can send personalized messages to customers based on their location and custom field data that you capture.

GDPR compliance and consent features

Collect consent for processing visitor data as part of GDPR compliance.

Visitor widget enhancements

Additional customization options for the visitor widget including the option to choose the size, choose colors, widget text etc.

Q3: Improvements to Chat Experience

Live Typing Preview

With Live Typing Preview enabled, you can view what the customers are typing even before they hit the enter button. Engage with your customers proactively to drive and deliver better customer experience.

New Product: Chat Mobile SDK

By integrating the chat mobile SDK with your iOS or Android mobile app, your customers can directly reach your support team via chat from within the application.

Live typing preview

Q4: Performance Optimizations

Build System overhaul

Internal performance optimizations for smoother HappyFox chat experience to both agents and visitors.

Support for MS Dynamics 9

View contextual customer details from MS Dynamics on the agent chat interface for a better customer chat experience.

Chat monitoring permission for agent

Allow agents to monitor chats by granting this permission. Chat monitoring is available only to admins by default.


With the geofencing option, the chat widget will be visible only to visitors from specific whitelisted countries.

Whitelisting countries using Geofencing