Make SMS support Collaborative with HappyFox and JustCall

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

In recent times, SMS has evolved into one of the most strategic communication channels to assist, converse, and engage with consumers. Having SMS integrated into your help desk enables your enterprise customers with essential features like turning texts into support tickets for rapid issue resolution.

SMS is extremely valuable in omnichannel support because it addresses the gap that traditional channels like email, voice calls, and chat cannot fulfill. Due to its fast-paced, mobile-first approach, SMS is easily seen by users and acted upon. Therefore, time-sensitive requests or simple inquiries can be resolved faster with a text message.

HappyFox Help Desk – JustCall integration allows you to collaborate and resolve SMS queries. When someone sends a text to your designated SMS number, HappyFox captures it and gives you the ability to assign action items to the text, tag team members, send automated responses, and follow the conversations.

1. Categorize and Route SMS to the right team

With HappyFox, your sales, marketing, and customer support teams can manage SMS channel tickets independently in collaborative ticket categories and centralize customer communication in one platform.

For every SMS conversation, a ticket gets created in the configured category for the support team to work on the issue and take it to resolution.

2. Get More Context with built-in MMS support

With MMS support, customers can attach rich media to their text conversations to help the support team troubleshoot the issue more effectively. These media are logged inside HappyFox as “attachments” for the particular tickets.

3. Collaborate on SMS Channel tickets internally

HappyFox makes collaborating with SMS tickets simple. With private notes, ask your teammate for help with a simple @mention. With readily available information from internal knowledge base articles, responding to customer conversations becomes hassle-free.

4. Resolve SMS queries faster and wow your customers

Do you handle hundreds of SMS conversations every day? HappyFox powerful automation suite – Smart Rules engine can triage JustCall SMS tickets automatically to help your team stay on top of the queue. You can identify peak hours using HappyFox’s inflow report

Use HappyFox’s load-balanced auto-assignment algorithm to further improve agent efficiency while handling support issues.

Level Up Customer Service!

Transform your HappyFox Help Desk app into an omnichannel support powerhouse by integrating it with JustCall SMS and managing all of your text messages, emails, calls, and conversations in one place. Faster replies mean satisfied customers, and satisfied customers mean better retention and higher revenue.

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