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Merging Contacts Together

Customers occasionally create multiple tickets for the same issue. That’s why HappyFox has the merge tickets feature in place. Likewise, a customer might call in from his home, office or personal number to lodge a support ticket. Now, it’s great to have as much information about the customer as possible, but that shouldn’t be scattered all over the place.

To save the hassle of bringing all pieces of customer information under one record, there is now the Merge contacts feature.

Navigate to the Contacts tab and select the contact whose details you want to merge with another in the list.

Merging Contacts based on Phone Numbers

Merging Contacts based on Phone Numbers

Click on Merge and if the existing phone number matches with another contact, the possible match would appear in the Merge to this contact section. Click on that link to gel all the pieces of information together.

Merging Contacts based on Email Address

Merging Contacts based on Email Address

Alternatively, when you have two contacts created for the same person, but one containing an email address and the other the phone number, a merge action is still very much possible. If the contact you want to merge with contains only the email address, use the Add more details section in the screen that pops up to your advantage.

Go ahead and type in the email address of the contact that you want to merge this contact with, and click on Update contact button. If there is a match in the email address, it would be promptly displayed with a Merge to this contact link. Click on it to go about with the merge.

While at it, you might want to look at merging and unmerging tickets as well.

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