Perform Ticket Actions via Email Using HappyFox Help Desk

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Email communication is still the most sought after channel of communication when it comes to customer service. With over 50% of customers opting to reach brands through this digital channel, empowering your agents to leverage the power of a tiny gadget called a smartphone, can boost productivity tenfold. 

Being able to access emails and modifying ticket properties on the run can make a field agent’s life easier. Let us look at some exciting ways agents can now make use of a simple set of tags to perform these ticket level actions. 

Ticket Actions Made Simple Using HappyFox Help Desk

HappyFox Help Desk not only offers a two-way email integration that allows key stakeholders to be notified when service representatives respond by replying to the email chain but the powerful tool also allows service teams to perform ticket level actions when replying to customers, via email. 

Using the simple tag @@set [action]@@, agents can modify ticket properties such as status, priority, and assignee while responding to tickets via email. 

Here is how you can modify your tickets from the list of actions with a combination of status, priority, and/or assignee: 

Tickets Actions Options

  1. To change a ticket’s status, the tag is @@set status:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the status you wish to change the ticket’s current state to.
  2. To change a ticket’s priority, the tag is @@set priority:[option]@@, where [option] is the label of the priority you wish to change the ticket’s current priority to.
  3. To change a ticket’s assignee, the tag is @@set assignee:[option]@@, where [option] is the username of the staff member you wish to assign the ticket to.
  4. A typical combination of actions tag could also be made up of @@set status:[option], priority:[option], assignee:[option]@@

Case in Point

Let us look at an easy but very prevalent use case of changing the ‘Status’ of your ticket using action tags.

In the example below, we see that a valued customer, Rosalia Arthur has sent an email to our Support Team member John. Since John is at an important conference, accessing a laptop might be a tad difficult. But John also understands that providing customers an acknowledgment and in fact, a quick resolution to their query is of utmost importance. 

To respond to Rosalia, our agent simply responds to the email chain by adding @@set priority:High@@ and follow it up with the email reply in the next line. HappyFox Help Desk will strip the first line of the response, thereby removing the action tag and ensuring that the customer receives only the actual message. 


To get more out of the system, this simple hack will help get you on your way faster. Tags can be used extended to include status, priority, and assignee, as required. For more details on how these tags can be used, please refer to our Knowledge Base article. If you’re on the lookout for a powerful Help Desk system that can transform the customer service experience for your customers, talk to one of our specialists today!