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New Features and Enhancements for October 2012

New Features

  1. Twilio phone integration (Available on request)
  2. New country field introduced for every instance
  3. New phone fields introduced for contacts
  4. Merge contacts
  5. Adding subscribers to a ticket via the add update/add private note form
  6. New SLA performance report export options. For viewing tickets which have breached SLAs on the instance


  1. Better handling of saving the subject after editing. Now saves Subject when user clicks outside the edit subject text box.
  2. API improvements – exposing count caches, return status color, returning role IDs in staff listing.
  3. Allow client lookup feature to be performed on staff new ticket page, when contact ID is passed in the URL as ‘?contact_id=value’
  4. New permissions for Viewing reports
  5. Better handling of CC recipients in add update form and forward ticket page
  6. Performance improvements
  7. Added pointer for tabular column headings in Reports; indicative for sorting functionality
  8. Staff setting for number of tickets per page changed from text field to drop down

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where if there was only one priority in an instance, the tickets page does not load
  2. Fixed bug where Knowledge Base links were showing up with relative URL in the outgoing reply
  3. Fixed bug where Smart rules was not being saved when Assignee Is Not Unassigned condition is saved
  4. Fixed bug where child fields (drop down) with compulsory on completed was not being honored