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New Features and Enhancements: Highlights of Our October Rollout

Our recent update rollout went live yesterday with a bunch of new features and enhancements. Here are the few that you should try it out immediately:

New Features

Voice Support with Twilio Integration

Twilio Integration

Twilio Integration

Add a human touch to your support by integrating a voice support channel. We have made phone support as painless and hassle free as our email support. Take calls right from the app or forward it to multiple numbers to offer support on the go. This feature is available on request. Ping us at [email protected] to get this feature enabled.

Country Code and Phone Number Fields

Adding a Country Code

Adding a Country Code

To make voice support seamless, we have included fields to add country code and phone number fields. You can now add as many phone numbers to a contact as you please!

Add Subscribers to Private Notes

Adding Subscribers to a Private Note

Adding Subscribers to a Private Note

In addition to the persons already engaged in a conversation, you now have the option to get more people involved by adding them as subscribers. They’ll be notified of all the updates to the ticket.


Report View Permissions

On top of existing permissions to create and edit reports, you can now restrict access to staff for viewing custom reports as well.

Easily Add Multiple Recipients in One Go

Adding Mutiple Recipients

Adding Multiple Recipients

Going forward, you don’t have to add contacts in the Cc and Bcc fields every time you send a reply. Add them all when you create a new ticket, and those names will automatically show up every time you want to mark a copy.

Coming Soon – Merge Tickets

Merging Tickets

Clearing out duplicate tickets was never so easy. In a couple of clicks, you can merge tickets or contacts into one and refine your information store. This feature will be part of our next update rollout.

To see the entire list of improvements, check out the release notes from earlier. Over the next few days, we’ll be explaining in detail how best you can use each and every feature. Stay tuned!