Task Templates – Automate Task Management in your Help Desk

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Not all customer queries get resolved in one go. Many times support tickets require inputs from different team members and involves multiple steps. Co-ordination becomes difficult in such scenarios. A to-do list and ownership of a particular task in the to-do list can help ensure smooth communication and faster resolution of tickets. Task Management module in HappyFox Help Desk handles all the tasks involved in resolving a ticket.

What are Task Templates?

A Task Template simply explained refers to a list or a group of tasks that can be reused when required. 

To understand Task Templates let’s take an example of an employee onboarding use-case. Onboarding a new hire usually involves working across several departments to ensure everything is in place. It also involves keeping track of responsibilities and timelines by assigning tasks with due dates. 

Your HR has a task template for a group of common tasks to onboard new employees. The task template consists of a list of tasks like “Issuing ID Card,” “Allocation of Laptop,” “Reading the employee handbook,” and so on. All she has to do when a new employee joins is to create a ticket and choose the task template. The entire task list with the respective assignee and due date gets populated. 

HappyFox Ticketing System also offers asset management feature to link assets on an IT Help Desk to a particular ticket. In our use-case that would be a laptop for the new hire.

Let’s see a video walkthrough of the scenario explained and understand task templates better.

Your support agents can utilize task templates effectively to handle tickets involving same set of tasks and save time. 

How does HappyFox Help Desk ensure that all tasks get done on time?

Task notifications – Task assignment notifications and task due notifications act as reminders to complete tasks on time.

Easily view tasks – HappyFox Help Desk provides an easy way to view all pending tasks assigned to you in one place and sort by the due date.

Error while closing tickets without task completion – A ticket can be marked as resolved only when there is no pending task on it.

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