Unmerge tickets, revert accidental merges: Product Tip

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Need to unmerge a ticket? We hear you. You merged a ticket but realized that you really didn’t have to? With HappyFox Helpdesk – it is easy to revert and unmerge tickets.

We do not live in an ideal world. People make mistakes not just due to oversight but also while learning something new. The best that we can do is to plan for these eventualities and have robust contingency mechanisms to minimise the impact of such human errors. This is especially true for service workflows where we need to ensure that customers are not adversely impacted.

Managing a Flurry of Tickets

Sometimes, you may receive multiple tickets that have a common root-cause over a period of time. It may be due to unavailability of services caused by a known technical glitch or due to customers inadvertently raising duplicate requests. HappyFox allows you to efficiently manage such duplicate tickets by merging them. This essentially allows your staff to track the issue via a single ticket while closing out all the duplicates. You can read more about how the merge tickets functionality works.

Unmerge Tickets Easily

Let us consider the scenario in which one of your staff has gone ahead and merged a bunch of seemingly duplicate tickets only to discover later that one of the closed tickets pertains to a different issue. Oops…. Is there a way out? Can you unmerge tickets? 

Unmerge Tickets

Fret not! In HappyFox, merging is not a one-way ticket (pun intended). You can unmerge closed tickets from the parent ticket and ensure that your staff can act on them again. Merged tickets will NOT flag SLAs and NOT be subject to Smart Rule execution.

Unmerging a ticket returns it to the default “Pending” state configured in your system and it starts behaving like any other regular ticket i.e., SLAs and Smart Rules will start working again. Do note that earlier SLA breaches are still retained and carried over even after the unmerge operation.

How does unmerge tickets help?

  1. Avoids duplication & helps customers track their issue better
    • If unmerge was not possible, the alternate would be to create a new ticket containing the same information that is already present in the closed-merged ticket.
    • Customers can use the same ticket that they had logged to track the query/concern. Ensures that the context of the issue is not lost.
  2. Keeps SLA metrics intact.
    • Unmerged tickets still retain historical SLA breach information. This ensures that your reporting is more accurate.
  3. Removes the association between non-related tickets
    • Realising that merged tickets are not related is one of the main reasons for wanting to unmerge tickets. Absence of unmerge would mean that unrelated tickets continue reference each other which may lead to confusion.
  4. Accounts for accidental merges i.e, human error 🙂 HappyFox also adds an activity log for every merge and unmerge operation to ensure accountability and for future reference.