Spawn New Ticket from a Customer Reply

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

When to Split a Ticket?

As part of a helpdesk system, you will frequently come across a situation where your customers reply to the same ticket thread. They respond with new queries or start a new topic on the same thread.

A lot of times, a ticket may contain many issues. You may need to resolve each of them individually. Handling all of the customer’s queries on a single ticket is a difficult task as it may have unrelated issues and requests. 

Every customer query deserves attention. It is a cumbersome process for your agents to manually copy the customer reply from the ticket and create new tickets. It is going to be even more tedious for them if the responses have attachments. 

The best way to manage and resolve all of those queries effectively is to make use of a feature that allows you to split the desired customer response into a new ticket. Agents from different departments can work on them. When splitting, the attachments that are part of the first contact update moves to the new ticket.

How to Split a Ticket in HappyFox Help Desk?

With HappyFox help desk software’s split ticket feature you can fork the ticket with a new ticket id. The support agent can assign it to a relevant department. You can split a ticket from any of your customer’s reply on the ticket.

Splitting a Ticket in HappyFox is an effortless activity. All you have to do is,

  1. Choose the customer update on the ticket you wish to split.
  2. Click on the ‘more’ tab under the recent update from the customer and click ‘Split’.

HappyFox also lets you provide a subject for the new ticket, set its Category, Status, Priority, and assign it to the concerned help desk staff.

When you choose a customer reply and split the ticket,

  1. HappyFox will pick the customer’s reply from the ticket- A
  2. Sets it as the body of the newly created ticket – B 
  3. The customer reply is deleted from ticket – A.  Communication in the ticket A, of issue 1, will continue on the original ticket. 
  4. The new ticket- B, will have a unique ticket id. A different support agent can handle issue 2 on Ticket B.
  5. A link to the new ticket will be available on the old ticket and vice versa.

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