Are HR Tickets still a thing?

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

Well, it’s a lot of things on the HR plate, right? Starting from onboarding an employee to resolving attendance issues, there is a big list of tasks that need to be performed by them. In every organization, the Human Resource department is primarily responsible for managing and maintaining the company’s health. Interacting with employees, learning about their issues, understanding their viewpoints, and incorporating them into the system are all part of it. 

HRs usually use Slack and Microsoft Teams to answer repetitive questions or store important information. However, it gets frustrating for anyone to answer the same question all over again. Thus, automation and smart rules let HR teams focus on higher-level tasks that require human touch which is highly beneficial. Thus, using an HR ticketing system might help you save time and boost customer experience. 

How does an HR Helpdesk work?

The HR help desk can assist in the development of your organization’s capability by ensuring better product planning, culture building, and other services. This simplifies help desk operations, resulting in satisfied and engaged employees. Employees can use this system to get answers to their queries. HR helpdesk software includes features such as inquiry management, self-service, and more. That’s a good thing because email isn’t the best tool for processing HR queries.

There’s no way to prioritize how urgent the request is, and it’s difficult to monitor whether or not the request has been answered and by whom. Thus, a ticketing system prioritizes work and allows businesses to collect essential data. They can see which requests come at priority, where they come from, when they come in, and how long it takes to process them. This will assist HR departments in learning how to deliver this information to employees more successfully. Click to read more

With a conversational ticketing system, your HR team can,

  1. Get work done in a unified platform 

With Assist AI, employees can create HR inquiries from Slack or Microsoft Teams. Route these requests to the appropriate channel for prompt response and resolution. Employees can keep track of their requests without leaving the app.

  1.  Provide more with Self- Service

With a robust workflow builder, you can automate everyday tasks. Set up as many SLA policies as you need to keep up with deadlines based on the amount of time that has passed or the type of request.

  1. Deliver efficient HR support using Assist AI at the speed of light

Increase employee engagement and user experience by providing self-service material that is easily accessible. HR Managers may now concentrate on strategic business operations rather than administrative responsibilities. Get new support reps responding to customer tickets with the confidence that they have all the right answers.

To sum it all up

The HR Helpdesk software can incorporate a single, user-friendly interface through which employees can route their queries or concerns. Also, with the help of Assist AI, increase the productivity of your HR support team by allowing them to take initiative on important things. It’s perhaps one of the most efficient ways to increase output, save time, and make the best use of existing resources. This was a short brief on how the latest HR ticketing systems can help HR team work more effectively and improve customer satisfaction using Assist AI. If you think that we missed something, schedule a demo with our product specialists right away!