Improve Billing Support by Integrating Baremetrics with HappyFox

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

How often do your agents struggle with billing or subscription related queries? Do they find it difficult to determine what your customers’ subscriptions are and their current status while providing support?

HappyFox now integrates with Baremetrics and empowers your agents by readily providing access to this information. Baremetrics is a subscription analytics platform that lets you monitor information about your customer’s recurring monthly revenue, net lifetime revenue, and churn rate.

Better Billing Support – How Does the Integration Help?

Automatically map a HappyFox contact with a customer record in Baremetrics through the integration. The integration shows the following information about the customer within HappyFox

  • List of all active subscriptions
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Lifetime revenue
  • When the customer first signed-up (Customer Since)
Billing details shown on the ticket-detail page

Revenue metrics displayed on the ticket-detail page

These details are contextually accessible within a ticket raised by the customer or while creating a new ticket for the customer. Using this information, your billing support team can quickly respond to customer queries.

The integration provides appropriate information to your billing support team without the need to add them as users in Baremetrics. This also helps minimize communication between your internal teams and enables your support team to proactively assist your customers.

Billing details shown on creating new tickets

Revenue metrics displayed while creating new tickets