Billing History inside HappyFox: Integrate with ChartMogul

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Accessing a customer’s billing history while working on a ticket can be really helpful while doing support. External follow-ups with your accounts department to get information about a customer’s subscriptions can be rather time-consuming. If you use ChartMogul to run your subscription analytics and HappyFox as your helpdesk, here’s a solution to improve your agent productivity.

ChartMogul and HappyFox – Better Billing Support

ChartMogul is a leading provider of subscription and revenue analytics. They help subscription businesses connect all their billing and customer data and perform detailed reporting and analyses on monthly recurring revenue, annual run rate, customer lifetime value and more.

HappyFox-ChartMogul integration is very nifty for effective billing support. With ChartMogul integrated, your agents can view information about a ChartMogul customer in the context of the tickets they have raised in HappyFox. This information is also accessible when your agents create new tickets for a ChartMogul customer. With the integration in place, your agents can view the following details about the customer from ChartMogul

  • Customer’s name and company details
  • Active subscriptions
  • Billing frequency
  • Annual recurring revenue from the customer
  • Monthly recurring revenue from the customer
  • When the customer first subscribed
Billing details from ChartMogul on ticket-detail page

Customer’s Billing History shown on ticket-detail page

By providing useful contextual information, the integration eliminates the need to add your agents as users in ChartMogul. Your agents can now understand your customer’s profiles better and prioritize requests accordingly. Quicker response times, empowered agents, reduced cross-team communication overhead will all translate to satisfied customers.


Billing details from ChartMogul on new-ticket form

View customer’s revenue details before creating new tickets