Chatbots for HR: Why use bots in HR management?

Last Updated: July 18, 2021

Human Resources + Automation can be a perfect combination for modern-day HR teams, given their job’s challenging nature. Today, HR teams don’t just handle recruitment; rather, they have transformed into becoming employee experience designers, brand builders, communicators, catalysts in change management, etc. 

Chatbots is the new age solution for HR teams. Bots can simplify and automate repetitive processes to free up time for HRs on high value-added activities, upscale internal services by improving response rates and waiting times, or come up with ideas to make companies more innovative.

Convert More Job Seekers on Your Career Website

The number of potential candidates that get into your Applicant Tracking System or CRM out of the number of career website visitors determines job applicants’ conversion percentage. 

HR Chatbot can improve the conversion rate by collecting job applicant information in real-time and updating the Applicant Tracking System(ATS) information for future reference.

 Among other tasks, HRs also have to interact with job seekers and clarify their doubts regarding job description, work culture, expertise, etc. With AI and Machine learning capabilities, chatbots can be trained to handle FAQs and save candidates from churning away due to unanswered questions.

Reduce the Time to Hire

HR Managers have targets and sometimes even urgent requirements for hiring. Making the right decision and finding the best fit for the organization could involve a lot of time and effort. 

Chatbots in talent acquisition can automate screening candidates, qualify them, schedule interviews, and manage the recruiting life cycle for candidates and hiring managers. 

Artificial Intelligence(AI) chatbots can understand the semantics of the conversation and detect spammers or unqualified candidates, thereby saving a substantial amount of time for recruiters.

Employee Onboarding Assistance

HR bots can be used internally by employees. During the on-boarding process, bots can answer queries from new employees through the conversational interface. Onboarding process can be speeded up by automating form completions, online registrations, providing instructions on company policies, etc. thereby removing the need for paperwork.

Employee Engagement Done Right with Chatbots

It’s difficult for the HR department to manage all employee requests with a busy schedule and plan their career progression. To maintain an excellent company culture, HRs have to go out of the way to conduct workshops, skill development initiatives, and at the least, motivate their employees to reach their goals and improve retention.

A chatbot can help with fetching information from the employee database, assisting with asset management and change management, so the employees get all the data right when they need it.

As shown in the image, companies with better employee engagement have better employee satisfaction and hence better revenue growth. Chatbots can be used to handle employee questions and improve employee engagement drastically.

Chatbots can reduce the cost of HR teams

One of the ways to calculate savings is by the number of hours of work. Chatbots save work hours for an HR professional by handling mundane activities. 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example:  

A study shows companies that use chatbot save 2.4 hours per candidate for an HR professional.

Let’s assume if a company hires 1000 people per year, then the number of hours saved would be 2400 hours. If we consider the cost of employing an HR, it’s about $75000 per year, which comes to $38 per hour. With a chatbot, you can save $38*2400 = $91000(approx) per year. So with a simple investment in a chatbot, you can have huge savings for your team.

Closing thoughts

If you have some unstructured HR processes in your team and are looking for a budget-friendly solution, chatbots are the best and the quickest option to try.

We tried to compile various scenarios in which chatbots can be a game-changer for HRs and enhance your recruitment process.

Are you looking for a quick implementation for a chatbot for your use-case? Get in touch with our product specialist on getting your bot up and running.