How To Improve Customer Service in your eCommerce Enterprise ?

Last Updated: April 23, 2023

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[pullquote]“Customers are 91% more likely to never go back to a company that gave them poor service.”[/pullquote]

According to the US online retail forecast 2011 to 2016 by Forrester Research, 15 percent more consumers will be shopping online and spending up to 44 percent more. Is your eCommerce company prepared to face this retail boom?

The above metric by Shopatron during their research clearly sums up the changing trends among consumers and the effect of good service.

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Key challenges for eCommerce companies

With changing customer dynamics and growing consumer expectations here are some key challenges for any eCommerce company:

1. Understanding delivery and return policies

2. Providing opportunities to customers for self-service

3. Support through multiple channels like phone, chat and email

4. Providing personalized experiences during support

None of the above factors can be taken lightly since all these touchpoints decide the longevity of customers.

With e-retail spending constantly charting a course upward, it is no longer enough to just respond to customer queries, but you need to respond immediately. Last year’s data indicate that customers were happy to receive email responses within 24 hours. But the expectation has already got down to 3-4 hours during the current year and getting back to customers within 60 minutes or less for the first response will become a standard for customer service soon.

eCommerce Customer Service – Doing it the right way

With these demanding requirements, it would not be possible for you to execute service with precision and perfection when you are sitting with a mailbox staring at 2000 mails from your customers. Especially during your discount season, when purchases are skyrocketing, the incoming mails and queries are going to be proportionately high. You need a software that organizes these mails for you, tells you which ones are of more priority and also provides details about the customer so you can differentiate the big fish from the small ones.

Pick the right software

There are tons of help desk software in the market to assist you in this cause. But what you need as a software would be one that could achieve overall success in customer service, help automate your replies and also gauge satisfaction among customers so that you can consistently enhance your operations.

Self-service and automation

Each and every feature in HappyFox was built keeping complete customer satisfaction in mind. Imagine losing a huge customer because they raised a critical ticket about a purchase and it got assigned to the wrong staff who took too long to respond. To avoid this, use the HappyFox Smart rules and canned actions to automatically assign all critical tickets to a specific support agent.

You can even automate replies to keep continuous engagement with the customer. The HappyFox knowledge base makes sure all the important information is always available to the customer so he never has to reach out to you. Why would they mail asking you when the discount season is, when the announcement bar on your knowledge base shows in bold that it starts in December?

HappyFox e-Commerce Customer Support

HappyFox understands your eCommerce business and is here to serve you better. With the Magento integration, you can even bring in the billing and shipping information from Magento on your HappyFox ticket, so that your support agent has all the information in hand to resolve customer issues effectively.

Apart from Magento, HappyFox integrates with Twilio to let you take voice calls from customers right from the HappyFox app. It also supports live chat, by integrating with Olark live chat software to bring in chat conversations with customers into your HappyFox ticket.

Read more about how HappyFox can help with e-commerce customer support here. When you are done, go ahead and schedule a personalized product demo with one our product specialists.