Enhance your service experience: HappyFox + Clearbit

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Knowing your customers is essential for accurate and relevant support. HappyFox helps you store additional information about your customers via contact custom fields. This information can serve many purposes ranging from

  1. segregating customers based on geography/preferences to drive reports
  2. storing social media details about the customer
  3. adding a personalized touch to customer interactions

and many more. As with all data, these customer details can be rendered obsolete over time. Your customers may have switched organizations, changed designations or cities. This is especially troublesome if you are using this database to connect with customers for any outreach activities. Clearbit is a data provider that solves this problem for you. Clearbit provides enrichment APIs that allows you to access most accurate and up-to-date data about your customers. What if you can leverage these advantages within HappyFox? Introducing HappyFox + Clearbit – a great way to enhance your service experience.

Connect Better & Make Your Customers Feel Special

Clearbit integration for HappyFox allows your agents to view enriched and most recent details about your contacts from Clearbit – all within HappyFox. Have your agents ever wondered whom they are replying to on a ticket? By integrating with Clearbit, your agents can access this information on the ticket-detail page and in the new ticket form. Your agents can view details such as contact’s

  • Biography
  • Organization
  • Designation
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Social media profiles and more.

Details from Clearbit in HappyFox

If you have a 24×7 support with a geographically distributed customer base, this information can be really useful to prioritize customer queries based on customer’s timezone, designation, organization etc. Your agents can even add a personalized touch to the responses to connect better with the customers. Additionally, you can update contact information stored in your HappyFox database by cross-referencing it with the latest information from Clearbit. Consequently, you can be assured that your outreach, sales, and marketing interactions are always channelized to the right person. By helping your teams provide personalized and targeted responses to your customers, HappyFox + Clearbit greatly enhances the service experience.