Good Customer Service is..

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

The title is not incomplete. The definition is. There are enough and more articles on the web that give their own definition of the term. If you ask me, I would say good customer service is nothing but good experiences.

So here is my definition of customer service from the 5 most unique customer service experiences in 2014.

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Good Customer service is – Understanding your customer’s need no matter how small it be

The Disney Story

Good customer service

Brian from Manchester had bought a Disney doll for his daughter Lorna. On a trip the next week, one of the shoes of the doll fell off and little Lorna never noticed it. When she came back and noticed it, she was quite upset.

Brian called Disney support and told them of his  predicament and asked if they could help knowing that a corporation like Disney would not really care anyway as they have bigger fish to fry.

Two days later, a letter arrives in Brian’s mail with a Disney stamp. Enclosed in it was not one, but both shoes, a pair of doll socks, a handwritten note from the support member along with a few Disney stickers.

Needless to say, Brian swears by Disney for life.

Good Customer service is – Going the extra mile(s)

The Rare Pink Story

Good customer service

This is an extraordinary story. Sean, a diamond maker in London, got an order for a custom pear-shaped ring for a wedding in the United States. Rare Pink normally promises 2 – 3 weeks for delivery, but this customer said his wedding is in a week and so, the diamond maker threw extra goodies at his polishers and got the diamond ready in 5 days.

But the wedding was the next day and no courier company delivers internationally in a day.

So, Sean, knowing he cannot jeopardize his customer’s wedding, flew 18000 miles from London to Arizona and delivered the ring.


Good customer service

The smiles on the customer’s faces are testimony to such extraordinary customer service.

Good Customer service is – Showing your customer you care

The Warby Parker Story

Michael recounts his own story for you.

Good customer service

Warby Parker certainly sealed this customer’s loyalty for life.

Good Customer service is – Listening to what your customers say

The Daiya Foods Story

Paul Jarvis had his car broken into and some miscellaneous things stolen, out of which were some Daiya vegan cheese coupons. Being a strict vegan, he was quite upset with the robbery and tweeted

Good customer service

Daiya Foods not only responded to him, but got his contact address and shipped just as many coupons completely for free.

Good customer service

Now that is the definition of ‘listening to your customers’ and also doing the things that make them loyal to your brand.

Good Customer service is – Being there for your customer in times of distress

The Interstate Batteries Story

Tammy Walker had just finished refueling when her car refused to start. To make matters worse, it started raining heavily. Being a Friday afternoon, she could not find a single place to help when she sees a man walking out of a gas station in an Interstate Batteries shirt.

Even though the center had closed, the Interstate guy, Jeremy, came to help, eased her mood by being polite, funny and kind. He cleaned the corrosion, tightened the cables and started the car up for her. He even took it up a notch by asking her to bring the car to the Interstate Battery Center the next day for a checkup.

She went back for the checkup to ensure her batteries were okay. The best part about this – Jeremy didn’t charge a dime, didn’t try to sell a single Interstate product to her and sent Tammy on her way with a smile.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou

These stories restore our faith in good customer service. Share your stories and we will be happy to accommodate them.