HappyFox + PagerDuty: Real-Time Customer Service Meets Modern Incident Management

Last Updated: March 22, 2022

During an IT incident, every second matters – but the first few minutes are the most crucial. When customers report IT incidents to your support team, they need to be equipped with all the right tools and processes to have the best possible shot at quick resolution. Usually, customer service teams rely on modern help desks like HappyFox to provide stellar customer service during incidents. With HappyFox’s PagerDuty integration, support teams and incident management teams can collaborate effortlessly and ensure no customer-reported incident is left unaccounted for!

Eliminate context switching during incidents

With HappyFox’s PagerDuty integration, you can be assured that collaboration between technical responders (like developers and IT operations) and customer service teams happens regularly and they exchange critical information about customer-impacting issues. With a single click, support agents can quickly raise an incident and link it with a ticket, all from within the HappyFox platform. During the creation of the incident, all the basic incident-related details like title, description, and urgency are prefilled for quick escalation.

Respond faster to customers with Incident Timelines

As a support agent, it is very important to monitor the current status of the incident reported. Support agents typically resort to instant messages or emails to continually get to know about the status of the incident – wasting precious time. Not anymore! HappyFox’s PagerDuty integration displays the complete timeline of the incident showing timestamps of each incident state along with all other actions taken and notifications sent from the incident. This ensures that the support team is always up-to-date with the activity done in resolving the incident.

Perform Incident Actions & Post Notes without Leaving HappyFox!

HappyFox’s PagerDuty integration ensures the collaboration between support and incident teams are seamless. The support team can add “notes” for the incident team to analyze. These can be key information about the incident or just general advisory notes to the incident team. Notes added by the incident team at PagerDuty also gets displayed inside the HappyFox integration area. This enables a true 2-way synchronization to happen between HappyFox Help Desk and PagerDuty.

Use Automation to intelligently escalate incidents

Help desk administrators can leverage HappyFox’s powerful automation suite – Smart Rules to instantly link PagerDuty incidents for incoming tickets. Smart Rules act upon tickets when specific conditions match, so you can set a bunch of “Match All” or “Match Any” based condition rules to intelligently route tickets as PagerDuty incidents. HappyFox’s “Merge Fields” feature lets you configure the dynamic population of ticketing data on to PagerDuty incidents! Using automation will help save precious time off your “Resolution Rates”.

Get started today!

Connect PagerDuty to your HappyFox Help Desk account and start streamlining your incident management and customer support workflows so your support team – and your customers – can be less stressed.

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