Salesforce Automation: How To Save Time And Money with HappyFox Workflow Automation Software

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

Low-value repetitive tasks result in wasted productivity and companies are often guilty of draining money down the drain due to mismanaged tasks. If your sales reps are spending too much time doing administrative tasks such as documenting their visits and creating follow-up tasks, then that’s a lot of time not selling! 

With over 90% of employees burdened with unproductive tasks that could be easily automated, the demand for automation is high. Let’s delve into ways how automated workflows for your Salesforce instance can propel your business to new heights.

Why automate business processes?

Workflow automation is a process of automating an action on an object such as updating fields, creating new records, notifying people, etc;  that is triggered when evaluation criteria based on the workflow rules or business logic holds true. Automated workflows have gained immense popularity in the last few years. Here are some reasons why automation might be necessary for your company – 

  • The task is repetitive and doesn’t add value to the business process.
  • The task is documented without any chance of human error.
  • There is a score for increased efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

For speeding up the manual, resource-intensive processes, enterprises have been relying heavily on this type of rule-criteria automation to streamline and smoothen repetitive multi-step business processes and procedures across org.

Examples of workflow automation

  • Sending email alerts to Salesforce users according to a field update on the “Status” of the ‘opportunity’ object
  • Updating existing records of Salesforce object ‘accounts’ dynamically to reflect a new Rep as the owner on closing an opportunity owned by the rep.
  • Creating new records, such as new follow up tasks on ‘lead’ objects after completing the first task
  • Sending a time-dependent action such as an outbound message on the closing of a case.
  • Posting a congratulatory message to chatter on closing a high-value opportunity triggered by the update of the field value of “Amount” greater than $3,00,000.

Leverage HappyFox Workflow Automation  for Salesforce 

Using a powerful tool like HappyFox Workflows, not only enhances the if/then declarative power of the native Salesforce workflow rules and process builder but also brings a powerful yet easy integration capability to your salesforce org. No matter the size of the data. 

Here are some strategic ways to get more out of your Salesforce system through process automation.  

1. Sync updates across multiple platforms

One of the most important and valuable benefits of using HappyFox Workflow is the capability to automate processes involving actions across Salesforce and multiple external systems on one platform. Time is a valuable asset and taking away having to manually enter the same data or creating the same into two different apps can save you a lot of time. 

This not only allows a single platform for all your automation needs but also allows you to expand your Salesforce workflow automation and approval process capabilities in conjunction with other systems. 

For example, a workflow would allow users to automatically create a Salesforce case when a HappyFox Help Desk ticket is created. This gives the Sales managers a complete view of his account – from Sales to Service.

2. Increase Organizational Productivity 

Employees spend 400 million days per year on repetitive tasks that account for no business value.

Mundane and repetitive tasks bring down productivity. With HappyFox Workflows you reduce the errors in administrative tasks to ensure reliable, error-free, and prompt data entry and process adherence. 

According to the ‘Productivity in the Workplace Report’, employees spend 400 million days per year on repetitive tasks that account for no business value. Through a simple drag-and-drop feature, enterprises can save on time and efficiently trigger a chain of automation helping reps do what they do best, that is sales! 

For instance, companies can automate the update of the status of a task for a lead object and create a follow-up task whenever the preceding task is marked complete as long as the Lead is not converted into a customer. 

3. Sell Faster, Improve Bottom-Line Quicker

Well designed automation rules help save time for your sales reps. Automating your workflows allows you to identify redundant processes and eliminate them. No more switching between your CRM and inbox to email the same customer. No more manually going in and manually updating the status of your lead when you come back from a sales show. 

HappyFox Workflows allow organizations to automate their business processes and increase process efficiency across the organization to achieve massive lead time reduction without writing a single line of code. 

Imagine an automated process where the system sends an alert using email templates to the sales representative of an organization as soon as a ticket is created in the Help Desk system. No need for the customer service representatives to send an alert to the Sales representative. Using workflow automation, the system keeps track of the email trail and delivers the news to all key stakeholders. 


Through sophisticated and powerful systems, you can not only save time but also cut down unnecessary operational costs. An intuitive builder like HappyFox Workflows lets you build complex workflows across multiple applications like Salesforce, HappyFox Help Desk, Zendesk Support; all by yourself, without any coding expertise. To get more information about this powerful tool and its functionality, talk to our product specialists now!