Integrate Asana Project management with HappyFox Help Desk

Last Updated: April 6, 2021

Are you searching for an all-in-one help desk tool that simplifies communication and collaboration among multiple teams? If so, then you have to check out our latest integration with Asana. The new HappyFox – Asana integration allows support teams to seamlessly collaborate with project teams within the organization. This powerful integration reduces unnecessary time spent on constant switching between multiple applications and also increases productivity.

Transform HappyFox tickets into Asana Tasks, Track Task Progress, and enjoy two-way synchronization between HappyFox and Asana—without leaving your favorite help desk tool.

Create and link Asana tasks with HappyFox tickets

What often starts out as typical customer feedback for a product or a service, often evolves into new work that requires the collaborative effort of multiple teams within an organization. Now you can turn these customers’ feedback into trackable Asana tasks that your project teams can work upon.

Using the new task form in HappyFox, you can capture all the details of a new task: who’s responsible for it, when it’s due, what needs to be done, and what project it’s for–so nothing falls between the cracks.

And ticket subject and description are automatically pre-filled in Asana tasks so you keep important updates and context tied to the work it’s about.

Track Asana task progress without leaving HappyFox

With the new integration, you can track the progress on Asana tasks connected with support tickets right from the HappyFox Ticket details page.

After you link an Asana task with a ticket, you can track the task status, change the assignee and/or due date, add it to a project, or open it in Asana. You won’t need to switch between tools, so you can stay in your workflow.

Better yet, you can even choose to auto-close the HappyFox ticket when the linked asana task is closed.

Communicate and coordinate seamlessly across multiple teams

When you link your support ticket with a task in Asana, members of support and project teams will know who’s doing what and by when—at every stage of the workflow. HappyFox’s “Sync notes” feature lets you synchronize HappyFox ticket replies and private notes with issue comments inside Asana.

Connect your customer support team to your marketing, product, engineering, and operations teams and simplify collaboration between teams.

For Engineering & Support Teams

Automatically transform HappyFox tickets into development work items, keep track of progress from HappyFox, notify team members on advances or delays, and update your customers.

For Product & Support Teams

Transfer customer feedback tickets back into Asana, instantly transforming them into valuable insights that your product team can work upon.

For Marketing & Support Teams

Empower your support team to collaborate with marketing teams to plan, organize, and implement marketing activities and track them from start to finish.

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