Leverage Salesforce Data with Business Intelligence

A comprehensive view of your organization’s data can help augment growth, eliminate inefficiencies, and make you more responsive to the market needs.

Here are some ways business intelligence can empower an organization.

  • Accelerate and facilitate decision making in your business strategies
  • Spot and resolve business blockers more efficiently
  • See the big picture with the help of data from multiple sources
  • Gain a competitive edge by closely following various business trends
  • Faster and accurate reporting

Every company is aiming to be data-driven and rightly so. According to a Forrester report, “Every company wants to be insights-driven. Insights-driven businesses grow on average more than 30% annually and are on track to earn $1.8 trillion by 2021. These customer-obsessed companies systematically harness insights across their organization to beat their competitors and sustain exponential revenue growth.

Salesforce is one of the most powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in the market and touches almost every aspect of customer success. While this tool is powerful, complementing it with an equally powerful cloud analytics/business intelligence software like Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, or HappyFox BI, can take your enterprise to the next level.

Why native Salesforce reporting and dashboards are not enough

Lack of Intuitiveness: Data Visualizations are a great way of deriving quick insights. However, Salesforce reports not only come with a steep learning curve but also are limited in what they cover which leads to businesses struggling to make informed business decisions.

Siloed Reporting and Communication: Companies often utilize more than one system for their business operations – CRM, Helpdesk, etc. Navigating through them to access correct information can get cumbersome really quickly.

Time-consuming to Create Reports: Creating even simple reports manually can be a slow-moving activity. Extracting data from multiple sources, reporting on them, combining it on Excel, and sharing is not just archaic but also tedious.

Passable User Experience: Salesforce reports scheduled to your mailbox may not always show up as eye-catching reports and dashboards. Oftentimes they are incomprehensible URLs that redirect you to salesforce.com.

Increased License Costs: More often than not, people assessing important reports do not really need access to a full Salesforce license. While you can view a report on a Chatter Free license, the cost involved in permitting the building of quick custom reports can get expensive.

Get more out of your Salesforce data with Business Intelligence Tools

Spot trends in customer data from Salesforce: A great BI solution should enable you to create insightful and eye-catching visualizations. You should be able to quickly assess what your Sales analytics/Service analytics look like.

Combine disparate data sources on one platform: Combining your data from Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud with data from the helpdesk software or project management system should be easy and hassle-free, giving you a holistic view of your business operations.

Ready to use Report templates: A great cloud-based BI tool should give you access to a variety of inbuilt templates and reports to cut downtime creating Salesforce reports, so that you can focus on strategic data analysis.

Dashboard delivered to your email: Get real dashboards delivered right to your inbox whenever you need it. Subscribe for weekly, daily, or monthly delivery and share customizable dashboards and/or reports within the organization for all to collaborate with.

No extra Salesforce license to create reports: Get access to Salesforce data without needing an additional Salesforce license. A Business Intelligence tool that could extract data from Salesforce and enable prompt reporting, would be an icing on the cake.

Winning with HappyFox BI software to turn Salesforce data into actionable insights

With HappyFox BI for Salesforce, you not only gain insights from your Salesforce instance but also from data sets from other sources into one powerful and intuitive platform. With over a hundred in-built reports plus a variety of report templates, use interactive dashboards to consolidate key metrics (KPIs) from all across the company into a single analytics platform. Check out HappyFox BI reporting and analytics solution in action:

Enable and empower your team to see their data and build real-time reports and dashboards with only a few clicks. To see how HappyFox BI for Salesforce can help you with that, sign up for a one-on-one demo now!