Salesforce Dashboard in HappyFox BI: Setup Guide

As global business leaders are looking to make insight-driven decisions, having real-time and accurate KPIs at your fingertips can give you the confidence to tackle your company’s financial and strategic goals. Not tracking your Sales KPIs puts you in the blind spot.

We discussed some important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in our last post that Sales leaders must track to gain visibility into the team’s performance and to gauge how effective their efforts are. With over 300 ready to use fields and 100+ in-built reports, comprehending your Salesforce data with HappyFox BI for Salesforce is easy and it’s setup easier.

How to set up Salesforce with HappyFox Business Intelligence Software

  • Log in to your account and create a connected app. Use OAuth for authentication using the HappyFox callback URL as given on your HappyFox’s Salesforce manage app screen. (Ensure the app has appropriate OAuth scope).
  • Don’t forget to wait a few minutes before you go back to HappyFox BI to save the integration.
  • Navigate to your HappyFox BI account and click on “Apps”.
  • Find the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” from the connected app.
  • In the HappyFox BI tool, navigate back to the Salesforce app’s manage screen and enter the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”.
  • Save to activate the integration.

Create your first dashboard and data visualization with HappyFox BI for Salesforce

Let us report on all the opportunities that were closed this year and were recorded in the Salesforce instance.  We will segregate them by Sales agents that own the opportunity. 

  • On the left pane, I start with creating a new Report called – “My First Salesforce Report”. Within this report, I create a page called “My First Salesforce Dashboard”. And within this dashboard, a new visualization (KPI) called – “Target and Actual Sales”
  • We will drill down to see where these leads came from (Search, PPC, Partner, Word of mouth, etc).
  • For this KPI, we will set a sales target and compare it against how each sales rep has performed.

This KPI gives a Sales Manager instant indicator of his team’s performance.

Benefits of using HappyFox BI for your Salesforce Data

Intuitive and Engaging Visualizations: HappyFox BI comes with over 20+ types of report types that are highly customizable. As you interact with the tool, you interact with your real customer data sets. With capabilities to set benchmarks and drill-downs, you can get into the nitty-gritty of your customer information without any coding.

Integrated Business Intelligence Platform: Visualize your Salesforce data with other data sources like HappyFox Helpdesk, Wrike, AirCall, Excel for a holistic view of your organization. Enable customer success with sales to service visibility.

Powerful Collaboration: Share your reports and dashboards with clients and internal users without worrying about buying extra licenses.

Dashboard at your fingertips: Subscribe to get your reports to your email inbox- monthly, daily, or weekly. You no longer need to click on long URLs to eventually be redirected to the Salesforce login page. Instead, you see your reports on your email, just the way you see them on your desktop.


To thrive in a hyper-competitive market, Salesforce reports are not enough and data needs to be seen in the context of other business metrics to empower decision making. With the HappyFox business intelligence tool, you get a unified, intuitive, cloud analytics solution that lets you connect silos and visualize data to gain insight into your customer base. 

If you have any further questions regarding HappyFox BI for Salesforce, or if you’d like to try out our sales analytics platform, please feel free to book a one-on-one demo with our product experts.