Top 5 Business Intelligence Software for Salesforce

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. As companies are adopting a more data-driven approach to customer delight, investing in a Business Intelligence software and analytics tools to extract valuable information from your customer data is almost inevitable.

According to a recent case study, “When combined with big data, the worldwide business intelligence and analytics software market is valued at $54.1 billion and is predicted to grow 11.2% CAGR until 2022”.

Native Salesforce analytics made better

In an earlier post, we discovered some of the shortcomings of native Salesforce reporting and dashboarding when it comes to data insights – such as general unintuitiveness, siloed reporting, etc.

Here are our top picks for Business Intelligence tools in the market currently that can help you get that competitive edge when it comes to data analysis.

HappyFox BI for Salesforce

HappyFox BI for Salesforce is a cloud-based analytics and reporting platform with over 100 beautiful visualizations. With over 300 ready to use fields and a large library of reports with widely-used industry metrics, available out-of-box, you can hit the ground running in the fewest clicks.

HappyFox Business Intelligence software enables you to get a real-time holistic view of your data from the Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service cloud, by creating interactive dashboards without any SQL code or macros. With its seamless integration capabilities with Salesforce, leverage easily customizable dashboards and drill down for greater insights to see what your top sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) look like.


This recently acquired, Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics powered data visualization tool is a user favorite. Salesforce users rate Tableau high because of its appealing real-time visualizations along with out-of-box Salesforce reporting templates. The tool also comes with a  proficient mobile app, both for iOS and Android mobile devices.

While this tool is a leader in this realm, there are a few limitations. One of the most noticeable issues with this system is that while you can view and edit reports and dashboards online, the more robust system is desktop dependent. Because of its high cost of license and deployment, Tableau is primarily used by larger businesses.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics connector for Salesforce is an on-demand reporting and business intelligence solution for Salesforce data to derive insights through its powerful reporting and analytical capabilities. With hundreds of “ready-made” reports and drag-and-drop functionality, Zoho Analytics provides you ample opportunities to view your CRM’s health.

However, one of the issues that customers often mention is that when dealing with larger data sets or when importing entire tables, the system can slow down. 


Sisense is one of the top business intelligence products in the market because of its intuitive user interface and eye-grabbing visualizations. With its Live Data Source Connectors, while connecting to Salesforce data might be easy the customers still often complain about ‘Elasticube’ functionality that tends to be time-consuming and prone to errors. 


Domo is a cloud-based BI tool that’s getting more recognition in the market for its number of connections. Its ability to pull both structured and unstructured data through APIs makes it easy to track and optimize your sales, and marketing efforts. Domo also has had great reviews regarding its robust mechanism for taking on-premise data and moving it into their cloud.

While Domo does its job of delivering noticeable dashboards, a multitude of reviews also shows that lot users do not seem to be a fan of its data extraction capabilities. Some users also feel it’s too expensive for a small business.


Salesforce is arguably one of the biggest SaaS CRM platform. Today’s Business leaders – CXOs, Sales, and Service Enablement professionals are always looking for the best analytics platform coupled with ease of use – to provide their customers with the best user experience. With the majority of the leaders, now advocating for evidence-based decision making, the market for Business Intelligence software is ever-expanding. 

If your goal is to harness to power of data inside your Salesforce instance, the HappyFox Business Intelligence tool could help you achieve that and much more. Catering to all sized businesses, you get the power to create not just custom reports but also your own drill-downs to plunge deeper. 

To get a better understanding of how the HappyFox BI tool for Salesforce can get you to meet your business analytics goal, reach out to us for a one-on-one demo!