Salesforce on HappyFox – The combined power of sales and support

Last Updated: April 4, 2021

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Generating leads, acquiring and retaining customers require sales leaders to constantly refine their sales processes by understanding customers better. With time and resource challenges related to acquiring such customer insights, inputs from other customer facing groups within the company become critical in understanding the customer better.

Help your support team sell

Sales managers using a customer relationship tool like Salesforce, have the benefit of a strong personalized rapport with clients. This customer connect in turn, has to contribute to the support team for them to have a better engagement with customers. With information about the status of sale, key features purchased by customers, and nature of business, your support team can optimize their reply to customer queries and make for better long term relationship.

Build customer relationship collectively

A good Sales-Support information sharing helps in pre-sales engagement and post-sale retention. With knowledge from the support team on how your customer uses the product, the Sales function can make a better pitch, upsell and directly contribute to increased revenue.

The HappyFox – Salesforce integration is here to help you accomplish all that and more. If you have any doubts about why you need a help desk and CRM integration, read this report about How customer service drives sales and market share.

With the power of Salesforce help desk integration, bring in all the benefits of your Salesforce CRM on the HappyFox help desk. This integration enables continuous customer service while simultaneously managing your contacts and leads.

  • Bring in customer details form Salesforce on your HappyFox ticket
  • Let your customers know they are being cared for by personalizing your support
  • Couple the features from both a CRM and a help desk, all from one interface

The benefits from this Salesforce help desk integration are

  • Faster closure in sales
  • Increased levels of customer confidence
  • Heightened revenue opportunities
  • Cohesive communication between teams

Drive your business by creating good visibility and have constant track of all tickets and customers with this brand new Salesforce CRM – HappyFox help desk integration.