Understanding Reports – Customer Activity View

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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In the final part in the series of Understanding Reports articles, today let us take a look at the Customer Activity view. For better understanding, read these articles before diving in:

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The Customer Activity icon is located fifth from right, at the far end of row. For a change, this view gives insights about the customer activity.

Customer Activity View

Customer Activity View

Number of tickets

Indicates the number of tickets created by a customer.

Pending tickets

Number of tickets created by a customer that are in a pending state.

Completed tickets

Total number of tickets, created by a customer and has a Completed state. Closed and resolved tickets are counted here.

No of replies

The total number of support staff replies added on all tickets by the customer.

Time Spent

The total time spent by all help desk staff members in working on all tickets, that have been raised by this customer.

That’s sums up all that’s to know about the various views of a report. Got any questions in your mind?