Understanding Reports – Staff Activity View

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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Continuing from where we left off in our efforts to understand the Reports functionality, today let us take a look at the Staff Activity view. For better understanding, read these articles before diving in:

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The Staff Activity icon is the fourth one from the left. From here, another round of insightful stats with regards to the activities your staff perform can be ascertained. This view is one of the easiest ways to gauge the performance of a support staff member with little to no effort from your part.


Indicates the number of tickets that are assigned to a staff member


Shows the number of replies a staff member has added to the tickets assigned to others in the team. This doesn’t include private notes and is a measure of how helpful an agent is to others in the team.


Number of tickets that are assigned to a staff member and currently pending in the support queue.


Total number of tickets, that are assigned to a staff member and has a Completed state. Closed and resolved tickets are counted here.

Time Spent

The total time spent by a staff member on tickets assigned to him/her and the time spent on participating in tickets assigned to others. Do note that this number is arrived at by using the time spent entry by the staff member on each response.

Private Notes

The number of private notes added to tickets by a staff member. Another important metric to determine the knowledge and the helpfulness of an agent.

No of replies

The total number of replies added on all tickets by a staff member.

We just got one more of these views to cover and the article should be up in the next couple of days!