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10 Insightful Customer Support Infographics You Shouldn’t Miss

There is nothing like infographics to break down complex data sets into bite sized nuggets of consumable information. They are easy on the eyes, have a perfect flow and saves a ton of time. Spotting trends and opportunities becomes way lot easier by just studying an infographic.

After a bit of research, we found a few such Infographics from the customer service domain for you!

The Social Battlefield Scorecard

Social is where all the action is! The following infographic throws light on the impact social networks can have on your customer satisfaction. Did you know that there is a 85% chance that you could lose a customer if the customer service is poor?

Source: BlueWolf

The Era of Importance

We cannot stress more on the importance of delivering what you promise to your customers. A survey by Oracle shows that 84% of the customers are ready to pay more for better customer service.

Source: Oracle

Customer Service Trends

NBRI - Infographic - Customer Service Trends

The Value of an Existing Customer

It costs relatively nothing to retain an existing customer when compared to the cost of acquiring a new one. Numbers confirm that your profits can increase between 5 and 95 % if you could stop customer attrition.

Source: FlowTown

The State of Customer Service

Source: ClickSoftware

Paying Attention to Customers and RoI

Paying personal attention to customer yields rich dividends. When 73% of the customers are willing to pay for your products or service for the second time if treated right, it’s imperative that you give them the attention they deserve.

Source: Demandforce

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Customers are one half of the equation. Customer service reps on the other end matter the most too. For a change, here is an infographic that depicts what customer service personnel want!

Source: Impact Learning Systems

Facts about Social Customer Service

Source: CustomerService in the Cloud

Calculating Lifetime Value

In business, everything comes with a cost and a price tag. With the help of a gorgeously illustrated graphic, the KISSmetrics tell you how to arrive at the lifetime value of a customer.

Source: KISSmetrics

The Mobile Advantage

It’s hard not to find a smartphone owner these days. There are so many competing apps and this infographics sheds some light on what customers look for in a mobile app.

Source: Nuance

Know of an insightful infographic? Point us to it in the comments section!