5 Reasons to Connect your Helpdesk System with Microsoft Teams

Last Updated: April 20, 2023

Using Microsoft Teams for inter-team collaboration? Missing out on critical ticketing updates such as upcoming due date or customer reply in your help desk? 

Don’t you think it would be simpler if you can stay on top of your support tickets right within your favorite collaboration tool?  You’ve landed on the right blog post! Let’s get started.

If you’re using a help desk to manage support tickets, you would most likely use private notes for internal collaboration with other agents. Oftentimes, not all of your fellow peers are help desk agents. This causes a delay in resolution, as you might resort to emails or chat conversations to get help from an individual. By integrating your help desk with Microsoft Teams, you can eliminate that bottleneck by making cross-team collaboration a breeze.

Microsoft Teams is the trending team communication tool in the market today and HappyFox’s integration with Teams makes it simple for users to keep track of all their customer support work communication on a single platform. 

Our customers love the Microsoft Teams – HappyFox help desk integration because it alerts them when an urgent ticket comes in or if a ticket has breached an SLA. It can also let users know when a ticket is assigned to them or is pending resolution.

Let’s explore 5 reasons why you should integrate your help desk with Microsoft Teams. Read on.

1. Enable Teams users to Create Support Tickets with greater context

When employees have questions or support requests, they just need to invoke the HappyFox New Ticket Form by clicking the “HappyFox” icon right below the Teams messaging area. With the ability to create a new support ticket only a click away, your employees need not compose a lengthy email nor visit your help center to create tickets. 

With HappyFox Helpdesk integrations with Teams, you can also create tickets using the “more action” option present for every message inside a channel. Better yet, the content of the message is automatically pre-populated while opening the new ticket form.

Microsoft Teams New Ticket

2. Empower Teams users to self-serve themselves for efficient Ticket Deflection

With the HappyFox – Microsoft Teams integration, users can search knowledge bases or F.A.Q systems at the comfort of their Teams channels. By @mentioning the HappyFox bot and following it up with a search term, your users can self-serve themselves by getting a list of your publically available solution articles. If their query is still unresolved by the solution article, they can go ahead and create a new ticket by clicking the “Create new ticket” button just below the suggested articles list!

Microsoft Teams Knowledge base search

With a comprehensive knowledge base in place, you can reduce the workload on your support agents by deflecting commonly raised issues.

Watch webinar on integrating Microsoft Teams and HappyFox Help Desk to Enhance your Customer Support

3. Receive Customer Service Ticket Notifications based upon predefined conditions

With HappyFox – Teams integrations you can get all new ticket notifications delivered to you in Microsoft Teams – no more email notifications clogging up your inbox.

Smart Rules, HappFox’s very own automation suite, enables help desk admins to automate posting notifications from HappyFox on Microsoft Teams. You can even customize what notifications you choose to post based on specific conditions. Never miss out on a high priority ticket!

Microsoft Teams Notifications

4. Re-assign tickets to the correct agent without leaving Teams.

Looking to perform actions on tickets without leaving Microsoft Teams? Fret not! With the ability to modify ticket properties, help desk agents can resolve, reassign tickets to the right agent – all within the ticket notifications sent to them.

They can also send out a reply or add a private note without having to switch to the help desk interface.

Change ticket properties microsoft teams

5. Escalate Critical/Overdue Tickets Directly From Teams Interface.

Help desk administrators can quickly have a watch on the ticket progress by creating custom channels with condition-based notifications. In case an agent requires an existing ticket to be escalated to another agent, they can do so without having to switch to the help desk interface. This ensures critical/overdue tickets are always brought to the attention of the concerned individuals. Having a workflow in place ensures swift and high-quality support.

Start collaborating today!

For HappyFox customers who use Office 365, connecting HappyFox help desk with Microsoft Teams is simple. Install the HappyFox app for Microsoft Teams using your administrator credentials. Learn more here.

If you’re new to HappyFox, we’d love to showcase a full-fledged demo of our product. Let’s find a time to meet!