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Adding a Response Without Alerting the Customer

There could be two scenarios when you don’t want to update the customer of the ongoing conversation in a ticket. First, you might want to confer with your team before responding to the customer’s support query. That’s when Private notes come into play.

Alternatively, you might not want the customer to know your final notes before closing a ticket at the end of support cycle. Or you might want to archive a support ticket to which a customer hasn’t responded to in a long time.

In such scenarios, HappyFox offers an option for you to add a response to a ticket without alerting the customer. To do that, click on the Add Update button in the ticket details page.

Add a closing note that concisely summarizes the reason for closing or archiving of the ticket for future reference.

Customer Update Options

Customer Update Options

Now, use the Update customer drop down menu, select No, assign it an appropriate status and click on the Update Ticket button. There you go! Your update will now be accessible only by the support team!