HappyFox Help Desk Product Updates Summary – 2019

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

2019 for HappyFox, has been an exciting year with several milestone releases! 

In addition to improvements in design, security and mobile app features, we also released key features for Enterprise customers such as Agent Scripts, Custom field reports and Call notes. Last year also saw the major redesign of the Support Center and Knowledge base modules. 

We’ve compiled a more detailed quarter on quarter account of all the major releases done in 2019.

Q1 2019

Barcode Scanning In Asset Manager App

HappyFox Asset Manager app allows you create and manage assets on the fly. In this release, the Asset Manager app allows you to create assets quickly by using the Barcode or the QR code on the item. This will open the create asset screen and auto-populate the Asset ID.

Scan Barcode from Asset Manager app to auto-add Assets

Log into HappyFox iOS app using Single Sign-On

We introduced logging in with Single Sign-On for HappyFox Helpdesk iOS mobile app. With this feature, you could log into the helpdesk using your SSO based SAML provider, just as you would do using the web app.

Increase in Character Length for the Text Custom Fields

In the past, maximum characters allowed for text custom field values were 200. We increased this to 2,000 characters, to allow writing long descriptions.

Add Call Notes to Tickets

When you handle inbound or outbound calls, you can record the call related information, follow up details and quick summary in call notes. You can mark any reply or private note as a call note. The agent activity report allows you to monitor the number of call notes added by each agent in the system.

Mark an agent reply or a private note as a call note

Agent Scripts for Troubleshooting

Agent scripts allow you to have a coherent step-by-step conversation with your customer and record the responses to consistently troubleshoot support issues. For each type of support queries, you can create an agent script with a list of questions and predefined answer options. Within these scripts, you can link each question based on the response to the previous, thereby creating a decision tree. Your agents can use these scripts to reliably ask questions and record the responses from customers. You can also capture structured data by linking custom fields and run reports on agent scripts.

Create agent scripts questions with elaborate instructions and images.

Create Contacts in SugarCRM

With this enhancement to the SugarCRM integration, if a ticket’s contact doesn’t pull any matching entry in SugarCRM, you can create a fresh contact inside SugarCRM from within HappyFox.

Q2 2019

Create a Lead In Salesforce

Similar to SugarCRM, you can create fresh leads in Salesforce from within the HappyFox interface. Also, you can choose the fields that need to appear in the Create Lead form, and control what information is passed on to Salesforce from HappyFox.

Hubspot CRM Integration

Hubspot integration allows you to view contact information pulled from the CRM within HappyFox tickets. Also, you can push HappyFox ticket conversations as notes against the contact in Hubspot CRM.

View contact information from HubSpot inside a HappyFox ticket

Slack Integration

The Slack integration lets you post ticket notifications to slack for events like New ticket creation, Agent replies, etc., to a chosen slack channel. Smart rules can auto-post updates on slack. Also, you can create, reply and update ticket properties from Slack’s interface and also use slash commands to search for knowledge base articles.

Create tickets from slack, receive ticket notifications on slack and more

Custom Fields Report

Custom Field report allows you to see a real-time distribution of your tickets across different values of a custom field. You can view this report for multiple custom fields at once. Additionally, the date filters and category filters allow you to further narrow down the results.

Custom fields report: Choose the fields to report on, filter by categories and time range

All New Agent-side Knowledge base

New and easy-to-setup agent Knowledge base module with modern designs and improved experience in creating and managing knowledge base articles. The redesigned version also includes new features like drafts, feedback reporting, better SEO options and more.

Q3 2019

More in HappyFox University

We introduced new lessons in HappyFox University, with How-to videos and step by step instructions.

HappyFox University

Recent Tickets

A new option called Recent Tickets has been introduced within the ticket details page sidebar. You can access it by clicking on the Recent Ticket link on the right top corner of the Contact Information section.

Clicking ‘Recent Tickets’ will show up to five recently created tickets of that contact, with a link to go to the details page.

View recent tickets from the contact, without leaving the ticket page

Enabling Billing Page Access to Multiple Agents

In the past, billing page access was allowed only to the super admin of the account. With this release, we introduced permission to select the roles for which the agents should have access to the billing page. Additionally, we will introduce such permissions to more features in the future, which are only accessible by the super admin at the moment.

Allow multiple administrators to access the billing page.

More Recipients to Billing Emails

In addition to enabling billing page access to multiple agents, you can also notify multiple agents on billing-related emails. Also, you can add email addresses of non-HappyFox agents.

Multiple administrators and Non-HappyFox users to receive billing emails

In-app Custom domain and SSL:

This feature allows you to configure and validate multiple custom domain SSL configurations and manage renewals, without relying on the HappyFox support team.

Configure and renew Custom domain and SSL setup

Q4 2019

Link Contacts Automatically While Importing Assets

In the initial release of Asset import, the assets had to be first imported and then manually assigned to the contacts. With this release, it became extremely easy to auto-link assets to contacts during import of assets.

Support Center with Multilingual Support

A brand new Support Center has been released for new HappyFox customers with multi-lingual support. The new Support Center comes with deep and intuitive page-level customization options. In addition to that, the new Support Center is packed with features like live preview, improved JS/CSS editor, advanced new ticket form customizations and more.

Alert for Unsafe Attachments

While agents attempt to download attachments with potentially unsafe file extensions like .bat, .exe, etc., HappyFox will intimate the agents to exercise caution.

Warning shown for unsafe file extensions

Our customers run our product roadmap, and we are overwhelmed by the continuous feedback and positive responses we have received! 

By popular demand, we are adding more new reports in Q1 of 2020. Meanwhile, if you are a HappyFox customer, you can use our feature roadmap module to check out the upcoming releases and vote for your favorite features. Don’t have a HappyFox account yet? talk to our team today to setup a demo.