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Avoid concurrent staff responses on the same ticket

A help desk “collision” occurs when two, or more, staff members are working on the same ticket and update the ticket within a few moments of each other. Earlier, such an action in HappyFox would have resulted in two different responses being sent to the customer. With the introduction of a new enhancement, only a single staff reply is sent to the customer, and the other staff member trying to update the ticket is alerted with a notification to review their response.

A simple example to make this clearer : Imagine two staff users Jack and Andrew currently working on the same ticket. Jack edits his response, and clicks on “Update Ticket” just before Andrew performs exactly the same steps. Now, since Jack updated his ticket first, his response is delivered to the customer and Andrew encounters a message such as the one shown below :

Andrew can now refresh his page, knowing that a response has been added by another staff member (Jack, in this example). If Andrew’s response is independent and needs to be sent onwards to the customer, he can still proceed to do so after reviewing the response added by Jack.

Ensure that your help desk customers are not exposed to disparate responses on a particular ticket, by your staff members.

This enhancement is available across all HappyFox subscription plans. Sign up for your FREE HappyFox account here.